Virkelighetens Palace of Pleasure (RIP)

Coveret på Keep Your Guitar in a Dark Place EP (2014) er en dokumentasjon av en falmet storhet på den nord-Walisiske kysten, fornøyelsesparken Ocean Beach, lokalisert i Rhyl. Arkaden “Palace of Pleasure”, hadde nok sett bedre dager når bassist Justin Newall var på ferie på hjemlige trakter i 2006:

– At the end of the promenade in Rhyl was a fun fair called Ocean Beach, which I used to go to when I was a kid. The fun fair was closed down and empty, and we found this derelict amusement arcade which was called Palace of Pleasure! Obviously, I had to take a lot of pictures. There was a great atmosphere to the shots, but the place was kind of tragic – like some kind of ghost town. The whole place is gone now. It got demolished to make way for a new shopping centre, or something.

Takk og lov for en våken lokalavis (Rhyl Journal 2014).

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