Palace of Pleasure made their debut on the Norwegian electronica scene in 1996, and have released six albums. Both Emperor Norton (1997) and Popaganda (1999) was rewarded with Norwegian Grammy Awards for best dance albums. The last album release is Lifelong Fury (2008), since then the band have released the EP Keep Your Guitar in a Dark Place (2014). So things tend to go a bit slow these days. But there will probably be more albums.

The band have also released six singles and three EP’s, produced a few remixes, and have contributed to several compilations, such as Nicolette: DJ-kicks and Sunday Best vol. 3.

Palace of Pleasure have toured in Norway and Europe numerously, and played the major Scandinavian festivals, including Roskildefestivalen, Quartfestivalen and Øyafestivalen. Dubby electronica is often a fitting description of the bands sound, but P.o.P. are inspired by lots of styles and genres.

P.O.P. have also produced music for television, cooperated with performance artists and theatre groups, and written text and music for a children’s sci-fi radio drama.

The band consists of (l-r) Justin Newall, Sigmund Floyd, Jørund Skaug, Stian Torstenson.

Past members and collaborators: Bjarne Larsen, Ketil Hansen, Jon Birger Wormdahl, Sjel-Jonas, MC Ubåt, Terje Engen (the drummer, not the other guy), Peder Øiseth + blåsere fra Frank Znort quartet, B9, Stein Holte, Ametri, Homa Hasan + De utvalgte.

Electricity attracts devils and demons. Other instruments attract other spirits.