Lifelong Fury

Release date: 20.10.08

CD and digital

1    Immediate
2    Another Deal
3    Easy Love
4    Lifelong Fury
5    Cataleptic
6    Landslide
7    Cetacean
8    Lucid
9    Taste of Tin
10    Gnist

All songs written and performed by Justin Newall, Sigmund Floyd & Stian Torstenson, exept Taste of Tin written by Jørund Skaug,  Justin Newall, Sigmund Floyd & Stian Torstenson. Lyrics by Sigmund Floyd. Drums by Terje Engen on track 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 & 10

Recorded 2007 at Diktafon Studio and Lovelypop Studios (Oslo, Norway) by Ingar Hunsgaard and Palace of Pleasure. Except Another Deal recorded at NISS by Rune Børø & Thomas Sagbråten. All songs mixed by Ingar Hunsgaard. Mastered by Audun Strype at Strype Audio

Financial support by Fond for lyd og bilde og Fond for utøvende kunstnere

Cover design and photoes by Mats Omland


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