Palace of Pleasure Live, Jaeger 27.1.2023 (Oslo)

Jaeger presents Palace of Pleasure in the basement, followed by a night with Anja Schneider and Frank Kornmo in the booth. Tickets are valid for the concert and club night. PoP have visited this basement a couple of times, with support slots for Tortoise and Dub Narcotic Sound System.

Palace of Pleasure debuted in 1996, received the Spellemann prize (Norwegian grammy) for best electronic album in 1997 and 1999, and released their seventh album with Undarkness (2022).

Undarkness pulls out some new tricks from up its sleeve, but at the same time is unmistakably Palace. The album consists of seven instrumentals that range from furious psych-disco to haunted guitars, ancient drum machines, lost in an echo valley, and distorted voices and short-circuited synthesizers from the other side. Fortunately, most of it is wrapped in friendly dub bass. The end result is decidedly undark.

Tickets here

doors: 21:00
onstage: 21:30

ID: 20
cc: 250kr

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