Envy Yourself 12″ out now!

New POP music! Envy Yourself EP is out on 12″ vinyl and digital format. Vinyl release limited to 250 copies.

Listen and purchase here:

On the release you will also find remixes by the best of Oslo’s underground: Center of The Universe, Sloth UK og Tjuren Ferdinand.

The song is an outspoken meme-based self-help method and life philosophy masquerading as a dance-disco-dub smash hit. Or the other way around.
In the remixes you will discover everything from oriental flavours to funk-punk festivities and dark techno tones.

Palace of Pleasure have released six albums, the most recent release being Keep Your Guitar in a Dark Place EP (2014). Expect more releases in 2018!

Cover design: Simon Herman. Photo: Keith Mc Kinlay.

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